Tom ford gucci and the transformation of luxury

Ford simply had a knack for taking an idea of the past and re—creating it with a modern twist in such a way that it stirred up a connection with consumers.

Tom Ford: fashion's slickest control freak

It was the first show for Alessandro but he was unnaturally calm. I needed to tell them how we are changing the store concept, how we are changing the collections, how we are changing the organisation, and why.

Buckley found work as the European editor of Mirabella. When asked about his sexuality, Ford told the Advocate's Brendan Lemon, "I'm certainly gay at this particular moment in my life.

Speaking to Texas Monthly's Dingus, Ford was the first to admit that his grandmother's sense of style left an indelible mark on him. Ford took over as Gucci's creative director in and for the next decade, churned out high—voltage collections of sexy, yet sophisticated, clothes that were snatched up by women around the globe.

So Gucci needed a change. The two were virtually inseparable.

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Entered Fashion World Ford had a tough time breaking into the fashion field. New York Times, October 17, ByFord was creative director. So, you need to give them the full spectrum of possibilities to support them. At one point, Ford was single—handedly designing 11 of the company's product lines, including men's and women's sportswear, evening clothes, home furnishings, footwear, bags and accessories, luggage and gifts.

If a film captured his attention, he would watch it over and over again, trying to figure out the mood so he could capture it in a design. Ford also found a new outlet for his obsessive personality with film-making. The idea was to try to recreate the feeling that we had in the original shops of ready-to-wear.

At one time, Ford had 12 commercials on the air simultaneously. The out—of—date wallets were replaced with bamboo—handled satin bags. During his job search, Ford was low—key about which department he had graduated from.

We [only] had the shows. Social media will of course play a part in any repositioning strategy at some point, particularly as a means of communicating the transition to the customer base. Ford slept only a few hours each night, keeping a notepad at his bedside so he could jot down ideas if he was inspired during his sleep.

InTom Ford and his trusted business partner Domenico De Sole made their own high-profile exit, after bringing the provincial Italian leather goods business back from the brink of bankruptcy and transforming it into the most desirable fashion brand in the world.

During a photo shoot one day, Ford crossed paths with fashion editor Richard Buckley. A well-crafted social media campaign can do a great job at exposing a brand. Diversification of marketing budget allocation is key.

How are you doing that?Feb 09,  · In fact, thanks to Ford's firm, high-octane directive, Gucci underwent a complete transformation and, following a slightly tumultuous period, by had been firmly restored to. Jun 14,  · Tom Ford, Gucci and YSL Beauté are just some of the luxury brands to have won big at the Fragrance Foundation Awards.

Held this week in New York in. Redefining luxury for a new era, the covetable collection of cosmetics and fragrances are designed with Tom Ford’s vision of modern glamour in mind to create deeply personal statements of style.

It is Tom Ford's strong point of view that make-up is a powerful tool for transformation; whether muted and elegant or unabashedly bold, it amplifies.

Jan 19,  · Luxury Haul | Gucci | Chanel | Tom Ford | Stuart Weitzman Jocelyn Partee. I BOUGHT £20, WORTH OF LUXURY DESIGNER GOODS FOR £ Huge Designer Shoe Haul | Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford, Gucci.

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Jun 20,  · For example, Tom Ford was once synonymous with Gucci. During his tenure as Creative Director, he transformed the brand into a luxury powerhouse. When the time came for him to launch his own label, a new direction was needed. By the late s, the Creative Director, Tom Ford and the Executive, Domenico de Sole, were being jointly credited with having taken a brand, Gucci, considered by many in the fashion industry as too far gone to ever be resuscitated, and repositioning it into the must-have fashion, or luxury.

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Tom ford gucci and the transformation of luxury
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