Thesis antibacterial activity of medicinal plants

Study evaluated the antidiarrheal effect of an aqueous extract of I. Study of the active fraction of Ixora coccinea flowers showed greater activity on ascitic tumors than solid tumors.

Phd Thesis On Medicinal Plants

Examples of antimicrobial botanicals are given in Table 4 and can be taken as a tincture or in encapsulated forms.

Study evaluated the hepatoprotective effect of a methanolic extract of leaves of M. Study evaluated the anthelmintic activity of different extracts of Ixora coccinea roots on earthworm Pheretima posthuma. In a recent issue of the JCI, Hattori et al. Powder from tamarind kernels used in the Indian textile industry in several processes - sizing, finishing cotton, jute and spun viscose.

Study demonstrated the effect of fermentation, roasting and germination in the enhancement of functional and nutritional properties of tamarind seed flour for utilization as food ingredient.

Phd Thesis On Antimicrobial Activity Of Medicinal Plants

It also showed a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, its main component being linolenic Leaves and flowers useful as mordants in dyeing. Phytochemical screening showed the flower extract to possess flavonoids, steroids, tannin. Study evaluated the in vitro free radical content and anti-inflammatory activity of Mimosa pudica using carrageenan-induced paw edema assay and cotton wool granuloma in rats.

In vitro antibacterial activity was examined for aqueous, ethanol and acetone extracts from 17 different traditionally used medicinal plants.

In an acute toxicity study, a single dose of aqueous extract of mg KBW showed no clinical signs of toxicity or mortality. Result suggest conventional phase 1 studies with organ function tests, prior to embarking on large scale phase III studies.

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The prohealing activity was attributed to increased collagen deposition, alignment and maturation. It also showed inhibitory effect on immediate allergic reactions probably mediated by reducing the release of mediators such as histamine from mast cells.

Study of the aqueous leaf extract of Ixora coccinea showed strong antihistamine and antioxidant activity that can account for its anti-inflammatory potential. Study determined the fermentation process, physical properties of ethanol from the samples with regards refractive index and concentration.


Following the rupture, foreign body material spills into the dermis, cascading the inflammatory response with the resulting granuloma formation. All bacterial strains were found to be sensitive to most of the solvents. No difference in fiber number between controls and the 3-d treated group was observed.

This product may thin the blood and may not be appropriate for all persons. Only a few studies on bromelain and CVDs were published from to Compound 1 exhibited selective potency against Hep3B liver cancer cell line.

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While their early compounds were too toxic, Ehrlich and Sahachiro Hataa Japanese bacteriologist working with Erlich in the quest for a drug to treat syphilisachieved success with the th compound in their series of experiments. The cardioprotection was attributed to to antioxidant properties.

The petroleum ether extract of leaves showed more potency than other extracts and suggests a potential in the prevention and management of cancer cell growth.

Study evaluated the diuretic activity of ethanolic extract of root in albino rats. Leukocytes and possibly fibroblasts migrate into the area and elaborate cytokines which, in turn, stimulate resident cells to synthesize and deposit collagens and other insoluble fibrillar components into the evolving extracellular matrix ECM.THE REPORT includes a comprehensive collation of the official FINDINGS OF FACT and Conclusions of the medico-scientific clinical empirical studies conducted by world-respected U.S.

academic and research institutions into the smoking of cannabis (marihuana). This page contains the notes for our book Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat (US edition, Scribner, ), plus the following titles to reach the notes for each chapter: Preface; Part I: An Evolutionary Guide to Healthful Eating.

antimicrobial activity of three medicinal plants (artemisia indica, medicago falcata AND TECOMA STANS) Tahir Javid 1, Muhammad Adnan 1*, Akash Tariq 1,Basreen Akhtar. Science topics are interesting to write and easy to research because there are so many current and reputable journals online.

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In the present era of emerging antibiotic/drug resistance against pathogenic organisms and food safety concerns of their toxic residues as well as slow process of discovering newer antibiotics, there is a dire need for using natural and effective alternatives.

In this regard, herbal and aromatic plants and/or their extracts are gaining attention of worldwide researchers. Name of the Candidate. Supervisor. Thesis Title. Kumar R. lietuvosstumbrai.comvizhi.

Naturopathic Treatment of Stage 1 Hidradenitis Suppurativa of the Vaginal Introitus

A study of intercarrier interference (ici) reduction methods for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing.

Thesis antibacterial activity of medicinal plants
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