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Hayes and Democrat Samuel J. But, the proposed promise of protection of political and civil rights of blacks were not implemented, on the other hand, with federal intervention no longer in effect in southern region, led to a massive exclusion of black voters. As the night came to an end Republican Rutherford Hayes went to bed assuming that Tilden had won the election and that a Democrat would be in the White house for the first time in twenty years.

Chamberlain and Wade Hampton respectively, gave presiding speeches. Both asserted their contestants as legitimate governors and began setting up office in Washington DC.

Henry, The elections did not come to an end until the New York legislature was dominated by the supporters of Jefferson thereby giving him 12 key electoral votes. Hayes and Democrat Samuel J. As per the democratic layout of events, the corruption ridden boards in all three states dismissed democratic majorities of popular vote and dished the electoral votes to Republicans.

Henry, In the long run, Jefferson was elected on the 36th ballot but the country as whole wanted Aaron Burr to be their president. What started out as a year of celebration, which reached it's height in Philadelphia at the World's Fair Great Centennial Exposition, would end up being confusing due to the controversy surrounding the Presidential election.

This had forced the constitution to call for the elections of the president by the house to be on a state by state basis. The blacks were brought in the Union with white rule prevailing, the industrial age was promoted from here on whilst all hopes of safeguarding the promised rights of blacks bit dust for more than half a century Ladenburg.

Southern whites had total control over the southern states by with the exception of Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina. Congress was at cross roads about whether to support Freedman and his advocates or cancel its Reconstruction policy and give white southerners sovereignty over ruling citizens of South Carolina Ladenburg Withlegitimate black voters and 74, legitimate white voters, the election of were the closest in American election history.

One of the major problems that the Democratic-Republicans made was assigning the same number of electoral votes to both Jefferson and Aaron Burr.

It happened in this manner because the Federalist could not carry enough states. As the results of the election started coming in everything seemed to point to a clear victory for Democratic Presidential hopeful Samuel Tilden. The country as whole had no choice therefore they had to cope with the elected president.

With these states having Republican governments due to reconstruction, the Republicans had a majority on the election return boards to certify the elections for their state. They believed that Aaron Burr could do a better job as compared to Jefferson who could do a lot of damage to the country.

The country as whole had no choice therefore they had to cope with the elected president. The Democrat used the scandals in Grant administration against the Republicans and the Republicans accused the Democrats of being the party of treason and rebellion because of the Civil War.

The newspaper stated "the election as undecided.

Major Elections Issues and Candidates From 1800-1876 Essay Sample

Hayes, the Republican winner won the electoral vote while losing the popular vote, to with considerable help from a series of election rigging stints in South, but the recounts were confirmed by Electoral Commission in Washington as a valid party vote. Eyebrows were raised in states controlled by Republican about voting fraud; armed and dangerous bigoted white democrats had enveloped the South thwarting blacks from voting in elections.

Therefore everyone had the same number of votes which turned elections over to the House of Representatives. Both asserted that rival party had played unfairly.

The commission was biased as it favored the Republican Party and gave the verdict in favor of Republicans. The three ex-confederate states under Republicans namely Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana accounted for nineteen votes and were still in contention.

The bone of contention was 20 votes between Republicans and Democrats as Washington received two distinct sets of returns from Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana. With The Compromise ofthe Reconstruction era came to an end.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Around midnight, Sickles, a former Union general and Ambassador to Spain, decided to stop by the Republican headquarters on his way home from the theater to check the returns of the election.

Reid went to the Republican headquarters to meet with party leadership and more telegrams were sent to the undecided states in the south to hold the vote for the Republicans.

The president got the advice as: But their rule was being met with forceful antagonism. His office could be taken as per the presidential order.

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Finally, the Congress's commission on 2nd march awarded the verdict in favor of Hayes by ; Hayes won over Tilden by votes History.

Tilden turned into a war of words between the two political parties.Nearly four months after Election Day, in the early morning hours of Friday, March 2,the results of the Presidential election were handed to the President of the Senate, Republican T.W.

Ferry. Ferry signed the poll sheet and announced that the winner of the. The United States presidential election of was one of the most disputed presidential elections in American history. Samuel J. Tilden of New York outpolled Ohio's Rutherford B. Hayes in the popular vote, and had electoral votes to Hayes'with 20 votes uncounted.

The election of was incredibly important to American history. The issues that came up during this election were extremely important in the Reconstruction-era United States.

Following the Civil War, the Union army remained in the South, but because of this election their presence would end and Reconstruction would effectively cease. The Election of Comparison Essay by serendipity The Election of This paper discusses the election, which was marred by a controversy over ballots, and compares it to the elections.

The year was the most notable time period in American history. It was the end of the Secession, the beginning of the war with Spain, and the one-hundredth anniversary of independence. This was also the time of an election that resulted in a strange controversy testing the country’s political outlook and face of an evolving nation.

The election of was improbably of import to American history. The issues that came up during this election were highly of import in the Reconstruction-era United States.

The election of 1876 essay
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