Paper cutters for sale

Please keep this operating manual for further reference! Up to 98 jobs can be saved in memory and up to 49 cuts can be programmed per job.

Cut Control and Safety Barrier Systems We can update the obsolete parts and troublesome electronics in your machine, so you can worry about more important things than your paper cutter going down again.

More mathematically complex cuts require more visually detailed cutting surfaces, and a few of the paper cutters on our list look worthy of a Fields Medalwhere others haven't quite mastered their multiplication tables yet. That's because paper cutters make it easy for you to hold pages firmly against a lip set perpendicularly to the cutting blade.

Many of these are described as slightly used, which means they have been returned by unsatisfied buyers. Imagine Invasion of the Body Snatchersa film in which a parasitic invading alien species takes control of the bodies and minds of human hosts, but have that invasion start exclusively with the faculty of a local high school.

The Cadillac of Guillotine Paper Cutters. UHMW gib surfaces, LED line lights, and a one-inch thick solid tool aluminum table require virtually no maintenance for years of trouble-free operation.

Do not overload the Paper trimmer. If you're looking for something in particular, we can easily locate, acquire, move, and install your preferred need. Suitable for bigger projects with an 18 inch self-sharpening blade, this guillotine paper cutter is just under 8 pounds in weight, making it stable for whatever you are cutting, but can also do small, lightweight jobs like tissue paper.

Real printers use real cutters. And that is not okay. Hydraulic-powered and rugged in construction, the PRO is easy to use and features a user-friendly touchscreen control panel which guides operators throughout the job setup as well as the cutting positions.

With PLC microprocessor systems, reliability is the norm. I also want a decent amount of life and use out of the blade without having to replace it. DancingPen on 29 Jun 11 Super precise and worth the extra cost.

Time to sell the QCM stack cutter bought off the internet. Used and Refurbished Paper Cutters Please call or e-mail us for our current in-stock list of used paper cutters and refurbished cutting machines.

Razor Paper Cutter

A Blade From Above The paper cutter as we know it today saw its first iteration at the hands of French inventor Guillaume Massiquot in the s. All the bells and whistles of the previous models, including finger guard, alignment grid and latch hook; this may be the only paper cutter you will ever need.

Using the technology to increase efficiency in paper cutting instead of people cutting, industries from newspapers to publishing houses found an easy and efficient way to slice through mountains of pages in less time than ever before.

For the record, most of the paper cutters on our list are tough enough to withstand the likes of Josh Hartnett's wet noodle arms, but, in theory, their blades are strong enough to fight aliens, should the need arise.

The left-handed part is sort of strange but not at all hard to get used to! Some paper cutters can handle hundreds of pages at a time, whereas others shouldn't see more than half a dozen sheets stacked on them.Select a laser cutting machine below whether its a hobby laser desktop machine, industrial laser, or metal cutter laser.

Boss Laser is here to help you decide today.

Trimmers & Trimming Supplies

Electric stack paper cutters make precision cutting easy and cut down on fatigue. We offer a great selection of electric paper cutters from reputable manufacturers such as Triumph, Dahle, Martin Yale and others.

These cutters can be used to cut reams of paper at a time and are perfect for cutting standard paper, card stock, coated paper and much more. Paper Cutters available at Shop for Paper Cutters and other related products. Get 5-star service and a money back guarantee.

Store. Sale Sold Out (2) Spellbinders - Die Cutters Dream Kit - Must Have Tool Bundle. $ $ Paper Trimmer Replacement Blade Carriage - 2 pack - Blade Style I. $ $ Notify Me.

I butcher paper with scissors. I shouldn't be allowed to own them. A paper cutter, on the other hand, I can operate with ease and accuracy. That's because paper cutters make it easy for you to hold pages firmly against a lip set perpendicularly to the cutting blade. Paper Cutting Machines Paper cutters are pretty cool.

There's nothing like feeling the power of an inlaid-steel blade plowing through a thick lift of stock. Paper cutting machines fall into a few basic categories relating to their drive system.

Within those categories. The X-ACTO 12" Personal Razor Paper Cutter is the perfect cutting tool to take on the go. The 12" frame allows this paper trimmer to make most cuts that a stationary paper trimmer would handle with the added benefit of portability and ease of use.

Paper cutters for sale
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