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Students will investigate how geographic factors encouraged or hindered expansion and interactions within the Greek, Roman, and Mayan civilizations. It was during this time that possessions were incredibly significant.

The following paper discusses the way of life of Athenians and how the Funeral Oration of Pericles influenced it. In most cases they learned quickly of the pride that the Athenians held and eventually it grew inside them as well.

Was the Fall of the Western Roman Empire inevitable or preventable. The foot bindings led to an even bigger gap between men and women in the Confucian social hierarchy.

Their religion, Confucianism, led their decisions in the government. The chief executive changed every day, but could only be chosen from 10 generals.

How was the rule of Cyrus different than that of Croesus? It is easier to be a democracy with a smaller population than a larger one. That said it is also easier to rule many people with a select elite. The Athenians were also extremely proud of their city and its traditions.

The Gupta on the other manus came up with the construct of nothing and a base 10 figure system that is still in usage today. Students will examine the technologies that facilitated and improved interregional travel along the Indian Ocean and Trans-Saharan networks of exchange.

Movement of goods, people, and ideas are conduits for cultural change. Only the rich could afford to be out of work, so only the rich people practiced foot binding.

Choose Type of service. Political, socioeconomic, and environmental issues, external conflicts, and nomadic invasions led to the decline and fall of Classical empires.

What do I need for my thesis? Finally gunpowder was invented. Han china believed family should support and protect each other, whether from the law or other problems. During the war numerous soldiers died. What is a direct comparing? Analyze the causes, conditions, and consequences of the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empireand the policies of Emperor Constantine the Great.

After they worked up their wealth they made a fierce, powerful army. Because Han China had a larger population and a greater size a land, no one could truly voice their own personal opinion.

The speech Pericles gave was in reference to his father but it also touched upon the other families who had died in the battle.

This brought more merchants to China where they had more protection for robbers. In both Han Empire and Classical Athens society, women and children were treated poorly. However, as you can see in the painting, there are only two men in the painting, this could mean that humans were inconsiderable in their arts document L.

Important similarities and differences between these belief systems are found in their core beliefs, ethical codes, practices, and social relationships. How to Write a Summary of an Article? It was required by the law for the dissertation to have some necessary components.

Belief systems developed beliefs and practices to address questions of origin, the requirements to live a good life, and the nature of the afterlife. The speech had to be in regard to the lives of both the deceased and the ancestors of the deceased.DBQ Classical Athens and Han China: How Great Were Their Differences; DBQ Classical Athens and Han China: How Great Were Their Differences.

Words Nov 13th, 4 Pages. Differences in Ancient Rome and Han China Essay. Han China and Classical Rome When comparing Han China and Classical Rome, many political, geographical, and religious.

Writing a Comparison Essay: Methods of political control in the Classical period, student choice of two, Han China, Mauryan/Gupta India, Imperial Rome, Persian Empire. Short Primary Source Analysis: Students will read the selections from The Human Record and answer the questions at the end of the reading selection.

a long time called classical conditioning. Classicalconditioning was discovered and researched by Ivan Pavlov, a Russianphysiologist. His famous experimentwith his dog is known to nearly everyone who has had a middle school or highereducation.

During the year Han Dynasty, writing and paper came into wide use, trade with other regions increased, and the idea of a unified China achieved wide acceptance.” “The Han Dynasty.” School Tube.

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9d. Tang Dynasty — The Golden Age

Both Han China and classical Athens shared many ideas bout governments, women, and children. $ This Document Based Question (DBQ) was created for 10th Grade World History.

The topic looks at ancient China in the “Golden Age” of the Tang and Song Dynasties.

DBQ Classical Athens and Han China: How Great Were Their Differences

The DBQ packet has 4 pages total including nine primary or secondary source documents – sources include 4 images, 2 maps and one chart – with constructed response questions followed by an essay question using the .

Han china classical athens dbq essay
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