Adam ferguson an essay on the history of civil society 1767

Of the question relating to the State of Nature. They suggest, when compared, what would not occur when they are considered apart; they have their effects, and mutual influences; they exhibit, in like circumstances, similar operations, and uniform consequences. A discernment acquired by experience, becomes a faculty of his mind; and the inferences of thought are sometimes not to be distinguished from the perceptions of sense.

Whilst men continue to act from appetites and passions, leading to the attainment of external ends, they seldom quit the view of their objects in detail, to go far in the road of general inquiries.

If national affairs Edition: Send him to the desert alone, he is a plant torn from his roots: The lion and the tyger sport with the paw; the horse delights to commit his mane to the wind, and forgets his pasture to try his speed in the field; the bull even before his brow is armed, and the lamb while yet an emblem of innocence, have a Adam ferguson an essay on the history of civil society 1767 to strike with the forehead, and anticipate, in play, the conflicts they are doomed to sustain.

In the case before us, they have actually found, that benevolence is no more than a species of self-love; and would oblige us, if possible, to look out for a new set of names, by which we may distinguish the selfishness of the parent when he takes care of his child, from his selfishness when he only takes care of himself.

But for what end, it may be said, point out an evil that cannot be remedied? But without entering any further on questions either in moral or physical subjects, relating to the manner or to the origin of our knowledge; without any disparagement to that subtilty which would analyse every sentiment, and trace every mode of being to its source; it may be safely affirmed, That the character of man, as he now exists, that the laws of his animal and intellectual system, on which his happiness now depends, deserve our principal study; and that general principles relating to this or any other subject, are useful only so far as they are founded on just observation, and lead to the knowledge of important consequences, or so far as they enable us to act with success when we would apply either the intellectual or the physical powers of nature, to the purposes of human life.

Men are so far from valuing society on account of its mere external conveniencies, that they are commonly most attached where those conveniencies Edition: And it would seem, that till we have reduced mankind to the state of a family, or found some external consideration to maintain their connection in greater numbers, they will be for ever separated into bands, and form a plurality of nations.

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In this mood frequently we can find nothing important, besides the deliberate prospects of interest; and a great work, like that of forming society, must in our apprehension arise from deep reflections, and be carried on with a view to the advantages which mankind derive from commerce and mutual support.

He must scrutinize the objects of one sense by the perceptions of another; examine with the eye, before he ventures to touch; and employ every means of observation, before he gratifies the appetites of thirst and of hunger.

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In every other instance, however, the natural historian thinks himself obliged to collect facts, not to offer conjectures.

Thus, in treating of human affairs, we would draw every consequence from a principle of union, or a principle of dissension.

Essay on the History of Civil Society

Scottish Enlightenment philosopher and historian, Adam Ferguson is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of sociology. In these apprehensions, while other passions only operate occasionally, the interested find the object of their ordinary cares; their motive to the practice of mechanic and commercial arts; their temptation to trespass on the laws of justice; and, Edition: We love individuals on account of personal qualities; but we love our country, as it is a party in the divisions of mankind; and our zeal for its interest, is a predilection in behalf of the side we maintain.

This term interest, which commonly implies little more than our property, is sometimes put for utility in general, and this for happiness; insomuch, that, under these ambiguities, it is not surprising we are still unable to determine, whether interest is the only motive of human action, and the standard by which to distinguish our good from our ill.

The mighty advantages of property and fortune, when stript of the recommendations they derive from vanity, or the more serious regards to independence and power, only mean a provision that is made for animal enjoyment; and if our solicitude on this subject were removed, not only the toils of the mechanic, but the studies of the learned, would cease; every department of public business would become unnecessary; every senate-house would be shut up, and every palace deserted.

The poet, the historian, and the moralist frequently allude to this ancient time; and under the emblems of gold, or of iron, represent a condition, and a manner of life, from which mankind have either degenerated, or on which they have greatly improved.

Central themes in Ferguson's theory of citizenship are conflict, play, political participation and military valor.

Adam Ferguson

Applause, however, is the expression of a peculiar sentiment; an expression of esteem the reverse of contempt. Our sensibility on this subject gives their charm in retirement, to the relations of history and to the fictions of poetry; sends forth the tear of compassion, gives to the blood its briskest movement, and to the eye its liveliest glances of displeasure or joy.

In the breast of the parent, it is most solicitous amidst the dangers and distresses of the child: The history of our species indeed abundantly shews, that they are to one another mutual objects both of fear and of love; and they who would prove them to have been originally either in a state of alliance, or of war, have arguments in store to maintain their assertions.

Aiish library dissertation abstracts international school age observation essay on a place essay on load shedding in english 20 gender discrimination essay flash flood story essay on dred.Adam Ferguson. An Essay on the History of Civil Society is a book by the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher Adam Ferguson, first published in The Essay established Ferguson's reputation in Britain and throughout Europe.

AN ESSAY ON THE HISTORY OF CIVIL SOCIETY. PART FIRST.: Of the General Characteristics of Human Nature. SECTION I.: Of the question relating to the State of Nature.

SECT. II.: Of the principles of Self-preservation.

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SECT. III.: Of the principles of Union among Mankind. SECT. IV.: Of the principles of War and Dissension. SECT. V.: Of Intellectual Powers. An Essay on the History of Civil Society, - Ebook written by Adam Ferguson.

Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read An Essay on the History of Civil Society, Ferguson's An Essay on the History of Civil Society () drew on classical authors and contemporary travel literature, to analyze modern commercial society with a critique of its abandonment of civic and communal virtues.

Central themes in Ferguson's theory of citizenship are conflict, play, political participation and military valor. Mar 10,  · Adam Ferguson, An Essay on the History of Civil Society (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ).

Adam Ferguson () was one of the lesser lights of the Scottish Enlightenment. I don’t mean this in the sense that he is not equally deserving of respect as.

In Adam Ferguson is chiefly remembered for the Essay on the History of Civil Society, an intellectual history that traces humanity’s progression from barbarism to social and political refinement.

An Essay on the History of Civil Society

In his philosophy Ferguson emphasized society as the wellspring of human morals and actions and, indeed, of the human condition itself.

Adam ferguson an essay on the history of civil society 1767
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